Welcome to “Stories That Matter”

After the trainers’ training in Belgrade, which we organised from August 23rd to 30th, 2022, for 30 educators (15 from Belgium and 15 from Serbia), we implemented the STM training for students in Belgium and Serbia. 

They address various Sustainable Development Goals-related to local problems and challenges. Participants define the topic together, covering issues such as harassment, police violence, health, environment, poverty, etc.

STM project is reminding us how listening to and expressing our story promotes personal and collective well-being. Showing how telling your story can promote inclusion and learning.

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In collaboration with LIRE et ÉCRIRE, BRUSSELLEER, ARC, GSARA, CABAN, CEMEA, JINT, VEGA, and MAKS, we had a final sharing event on 23/11/23 in Brussels. Bringing together more than 60 professionals working in Education. Six Serbian teachers participated and led one of the six workshops. In a participative cross-lingual atmosphere, it facilitated exchanges between French-speaking, Dutch-speaking, and English-speaking professionals working in the youth sector in school and adult sector in literacy and digital inclusion.